Jewish War Veterans Educational Grants

JWV.veterans.logo_The Jewish War Veterans Post that meets at Shomrei Emunah is offering an opportunity for graduating high school seniors to compete for one of three grants of up to $500 each. The minimum requirement is that they must be direct lineal descendants of a living or deceased member in good standing of Essex-Preiskel-Miller-Glassberg Post 47 or the former North Essex Post 146 of the Jewish War Veterans of the USA. “Direct lineal descendant” is defined as a child, grandchild, great-grandchild, etc. of the member. Children of patrons or honorary members are excluded.

Those who qualify will be submitted by us for competition for one of the Seigel-Shapiro grants offered by the State organization and/or the National competition. The various grants are NOT mutually exclusive. Application packets have been distributed to Essex and Union County high school Guidance Departments. Children who do NOT attend a New Jersey high school are NOT eligible for the Seigel-Shapiro competition.

If the student doesn’t attend a high school in Essex or Union County, please send an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required, requesting one for the Bob Daniels Grant. Include the student’s email address (so that I may send the application directly to him or her) and state where the student goes to school so that we may direct them to the additional applications. ALL APPLICATIONS ARE DUE TO ME BY 5 PM, MAY 13, 2017 REGARDLESS OF THE DATES PRINTED ON THE APPLICATIONS so that I can review them before forwarding them to the state and/or National. I review the applications for completeness and the earlier cutoff date allows for corrections prior to final submission.

Membership in the Jewish War Veterans of the USA is open to Jewish people who are current or former members of the United States armed forces and who have served.  Membership applications may be downloaded from

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