Rabbi Search Committee, Update on Progress

We are thrilled to share that our Rabbinical Assembly questionnaire is officially LIVE!!! Again, we cannot thank you enough for your participation in our survey and focus groups which informed our document! We were told by our liaison at the USCJ that our submission was exemplary. In fact, she said she will be using it as a template for congregations involved in next year’s searches. These were her words:

“It is a joy to read. It shows that you know who you are, you’re proud of who you are, you understand your history and your challenges, and you know where you want to go. It’s also clear that love your rabbi and that he is leaving on a high note.”

For the next few months we will focus on applicant intake and screening. We envision this process unfolding as described in the callout bubble to the timeline below but are very aware that flexibility is key if we are really to make the best decision for our community.

For those who would like a comprehensive summary of our process thus far and in the future, the RSC has put together the attached Rabbi Search Committee Progress Presentation.

As always, we welcome your feedback and questions at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Todah Raba!!

Meetings of the Shomrei Rabbi Search Committee
(most recent first) 

October 25, 2021

Discussion of interview process

  • Discussion of initial screening questions
    • Determined three questions which will help give a basic feel of the candidate and whether they should advance or not
  • Discussion of logistics
    • Screen every applicant
    • Teams of two RSC members to conduct screen
    • Report back to full RSC on who to advance
  • Will discuss next round questions later on 

October 18, 2021

Board update and discussion of the interview process

  • Began with speaking to the board on where we are in the process
  • Generally strategy of what types of questions to ask why
    • Behavioral vs. Traditional
    • First round is just an initial screen to see who we want to advance
    • 10-15 minutes on the phone
  • Discussion of logistics
    • For the next meeting everyone come with three proposed questions and we will see where we overlap to choose screening questions

October 11, 2021

Questionnaire update and final comments

  • Waiting on some final answers from the board and then will submit
    • RA Liaison may come back with comments
    • Once all comments have been resolved will go live!
  • Final committee feedback on the questionnaire

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