Kiddush Thanks

They came from everywhere: California, Mexico, Florida, Chile, Israel, and New Jersey and more. They were in all shapes and sizes- some long and thin; others squat and round. Some with no blemishes and others showed a bit of age. Their colors were like a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, purple, blue as well as tan, brown , black, and white.
No, this does not describe the guests at Zen Lucey’s bar mitzvah but the ingredients in the dishes that the Shomrei volunteers prepared for the Shabbat kiddush.

The colors shone in the vegetable and fruit salads and the flavors soared.

Thanks to the myriad volunteers for their help from shopping and chopping; schlepping and pushing; stretching and bending high and low. The kitchen buzzed with great conversation amid the sounds of food preparation.

It’s probably a mistake to single out a few people by name.  Apologies to everyone. Each of you helped tremendously making this kiddush happen.

But a special shout out goes to Leslie and Robert Freedman, Lily’s parents, for their help with preparation; to brand new members Taly and David Schwarzer for their help with both preparation and clean up; to Ehud Klinger and Ayla Winter for taking time out of their busy Shomrei  day to lend a hand in the kitchen; to Rabbi Julie for her moral support; to our wonderful custodial staff Carlos and Javier and to last minute arrival Rich Weller without whose help we never could have pushed an overloaded cart up the “hill” into the refrigerator- which shows that a helping hand is always welcome if only for a few minutes.

Next kiddush we’d like to welcome YOU to the ranks of Shomrei kiddush volunteers. Sign up at Look for the kiddush tab.

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