The Ball is Rolling

Have you been in Shomrei over the past two weeks? One of our members, and a friend, whispered in my ear, “it’s happening”. I did not need to ask him, “unhh?”, because I knew exactly what he meant.

Change. It is finally visible. Big change, cultural evolution, does not happen immediately. The ideas need to be conceived, then nurtured, and finally “happening”. It has been five years (that I know of) since the theme of “Making Shabbat the central day of the week” was conceived. Even before that, the Education Board , conceived the idea of a Shabbat School. JLC will be Saturdays instead of Sunday. This new concept meant a whole new way to think about Shabbat for both students and parents. Shabbat School had its inaugural day two Shabbats ago. Continue reading

What is Being Done to Reduce Gun Violence?


Last Saturday (September 24, 2016) members of the Shomrei community, prior to its annual slichot services, were privileged to hear fellow congregant Megan Lewis discuss gun violence in America, and what steps are being taken to try to reduce what has become an American epidemic. The talk was the followed by an extensive question and answer period. Continue reading