Tributes and Donations, December 2023


The following generous Tributes and Donations were made this past month

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Special Purpose Gift
Carol Katzman
Bela Schwartz and June Zimmerman

Carol Starr MESH Cafe
Sarita Eisenberg & Lou Hammerman
Marcia Levy – in memory of her beloved mother, Vivian Schwartzman

Event Sponsorship

High Holy Days Open-Doors
Anonymous – in Memory of Josie Zeman

Inscribed Book(s)
Lynne & Lanny Kurzweil – in memory of Ephraim & Ethel Weiss, parents of Lynne Kurzweil, and Muriel Kurzweil Kanow & Martin E. Kurzweil, parents of Lanny Kurzweil

Shiva Support
Marcia Levy – in memory of her beloved husband, Alain Simon Levy, on the 30th anniversary of his passing

Shomrei Israel Fund
Sari Allen
Anonymous – in honor of the light that Rabbi Julie brings
Anonymous – in honor of Hanukkah at Rabbi and Rabbi’s house
Bruce & Natalie Baff – in honor of their Grandchildren, Sivan, Eden, Golan, Eli and Owen
Andrew & Carol Blau – in honor of Rabbi Julie Roth
Dianne Cohen
Dianne Cohen
Sarah Cortes
Sarita Eisenberg & Lou Hammerman
Arden & Alan Epstein
Neal W. Fishman
Michael Friedman
Gale Family
Shirley & David Grill
Suzanna Grobman
Aileen & Marc Grossberg
Fern Heinig
Fern Heinig – in honor of Cary Riker and Greg Nowicki’s marriage
Ariel Helwani
Sharon Hurwich – in honor of Barbara and Jerry Weinberg
Aaron Karp
Daniel Kaufman
Daniel Kestin
Sophia Kirschner
Madeline & Gene Korf – in honor of Merrill & Andy Silver
John Lasiter & Adrienne Shulman – in honor of Ehud Klinger for his dedication to both Shomrei and Israel
Melissa Mehl
Deb & Alan Polinsky
Evelyn Rubenstein – in honor of Merrill and Andy Silver
Dale Russakoff & Matt Purdy
The Simm Family
The Stone Family
The Toledano Family
Kaitlin, Jeroen & Kathy – In thanks to Julia Ruskin for inviting them to support such a worthy, thoughtful cause
Mara & Adam Weinstein – in honor of Narielle Robinson
Richard & Joan Weller
Dr. Steven Winter
Andy & Carol Balu

Shomrei Shares (Holiday Scrip for the Needy)
Barbara Berman & Jeff Fields – in honor of Gilda Schwartz’s 100th Birthday

The Alan Lampert Memorial Library Fund
Stuart H. Larkin
Marcia Levy – in memory of her father, Jacob Schwartzman, and father-in-law, David Levy, and their shared love of Torah 📖

The General Budget
Jonnet & Peter Abeles
Emily & Ira Kirschenbaum
Victor Polakoff – in honor of Jerry Czin’s birthday!
Arthur and Sheila Schuman – in memory of Samuel Schuman, Samuel Bindelglass and Carol Bindelglass

The Mensch Squad
Fern Heinig – in honor of Gilda Schwartz’s 100th birthday
Wendy Kamenshine – in honor of Sally Kamenshine

The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Joseph Bressler
Your Friends At Morah Cecilia’s Class – in Honor of Lilly’s Bat Mitzvah
Wendy Kamenshine – in memory of Sally Kamenshine
Abraham & Jeanne Sasson – in memory of Abraham’s father, Moshe Sasson

Voluntary Security Fund
The Gladstone Family

Make a donation or send a tribute online!  visit:

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