Remembering Toby Stein

Editor’s Note: Charlie delivered this eulogy at Toby’s funeral on Sunday, February 4. The photograph of Toby was taken by Nick Levitin. 

I believe in the legend that the soul stays in this world until the body has been buried and Toby is still around us, taking this all in.

Toby, in your last days you kept planning a great symposium on important Jewish affairs and with important Jewish scholars. I didn’t quite understand what you were talking about until Alan recognized you were looking ahead to this very day. And as with many things, at many times, I will do my best to fulfill your wish and take a moment to talk about important Jewish things. Continue reading

How Good It is

My family has come to appreciate the Hinei MaTov service and look forward to it. It’s not a children’s service, it’s not even a family service; it’s a time for friends and family when “it’s good to be together” and share the peace and meaning of Shabbat at the different levels we find ourselves. It’s been a wonderful opportunity for families to lead the service, which our family has, and bring our own passion to it.

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