Eulogy for Toby Stein

Editor’s Note: Gerry delivered this eulogy at Toby’s funeral on Sunday, February 4. The photograph of Toby was taken by Nick Levitin. 

Toby asked me several years ago to speak at her funeral, and since then she told me a number of stories about her life. Unfortunately, I never wrote them down, but I’d like to share a brief overview of her life, as I recall it. If I get something wrong, or I’m missing something, feel free to shout out a correction. Continue reading

Support the Pre-school playground, March 7


Folks –

As VP of Membership, I’ve recently reached out to the pre-school to see how the synagogue community can work more closely with the pre-school community, with one possible outcome being that more pre-school families become members.

One suggestion has been that the general synagogue community support the March 7 pre-school fundraiser, Art Mazel. The pre-school is getting a new playground this spring; it is a prerequisite to the preschool’s continued certification.  While they playground has been ordered, the pre-school still needs to raise $10,000 more to pay for it.  If you agree with me that the pre-school is an important party of our Shomrei family, we all need to help with this effort. Continue reading