Honoring Shomrei Stars!


Each year Shomrei honors one or more members for their commitment and volunteerism in support of our community. I am excited to announce that this year we are honoring a quintet of talented and dedicated individuals (as pictured L-R): Carol Katzman, Allison Task, Margot Laksin, John Lasiter and Adrienne Shulman Lasiter

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • First, SAVE-THE-DATE and come to a Shomrei bash in their honor on Saturday night, February 29th. (Invitation to follow.)

  • Second, HONOR OUR HONOREES by expressing your gratitude in this year’s community directory (Ad Journal).  (More information on how to do so below.)

Now let me share a little about our honorees’ impact on Shomrei…

John Lasiter and Adrienne Shulman Lasiter
John and Adrienne came to Shomrei as a young family and jumped right in. Adrienne led the Education Committee through the integration of the Pre-School and the JLC, and the remake of the JLC curriculum — turning it from a conventional two-day program to a vibrant Shabbat School. John communicated these changes with amazing design skills and marketing expertise.  He then used these skills to expand Shomrei’s reach: he put us on Facebook and in everyone’s emails. Behind the scenes his volunteering touches almost every part of our synagogue including the yummy food that he prepares in our kitchen. It is hard to find an event at Shomrei that John or Adrienne aren’t part of organizing! In addition, they both serve on our Board with John focused on efficiency and automation and Adrienne focused on education and family programming. Truly they have moved Shomrei forward.

Carol Katzman
Carol (along with fellow congregant Jerilyn Margulies) brought the Nutley Hebrew Congregation to Shomrei more than 25 years ago.  As a former synagogue president, she understood the need for a secure community, and worked to ensure Shomrei’s sustainability by immediately joining the Capital Campaign committee that resulted in our building addition in 1998. Carol has been a constant presence at Shomrei ever since. She has been an active Board member the entire time, currently serves as president of our cemetery association, and does so much more.  Carol sees a need and fills it, day in and day out. We are so fortunate to have Carol as a member of our community.

Allison Task and Margot Laksin
Allison and Margot are models for us all when it comes to seeing a need and making something happen. Two years ago, Pre-School parents wanted fuller participation in their children’s education and experience at Shomrei. Allison and Margot stepped up and led a newly created parent/teacher organization (PTO). Their energy and vision re-engaged parents with the school, and their leadership was a driving force behind our new playground. Today, Margot continues to co-chair the PTO and Allison is a member of the Shomrei Board (her second stint, she is a past vp of membership).  We are grateful for their commitment to sustaining and growing our community.

The Shomrei Community Directory (“Ad Journal”)

Our Community Directory, distributed to all congregants and pre-school families, will be published in honor of these amazing individuals and is a great way to express your gratitude for all they have done.

Please go to http://shomrei.org/adjournal to share your words of appreciation and place your order. The Ad Journal is an important fundraiser for Shomrei and your support is appreciated. Please submit your order by February 6th .

Also printed in our directory are “L’dor Vador” (“from generation to generation”) listings. These special pages, listing our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews, represent generations of Shomrei families. Add your family’s name to symbolize our continuity as a Jewish community.

(The hard copy that you will receive, of this letter, includes an Ad Journal order form which you can fill out and mail back.  However, I strongly encourage you to use the link above to place your order as that is the most effective and efficient way to ensure that your words of appreciation are received.)

Join me in congratulating these Shomrei Stars!


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