Cooking with the JLC Kids


All the Wednesday JLC kids and I spent the last two Wednesdays cooking together.  Last week they learned the recipes and this week they cooked themselves (with a little help). They divided into teams and had a competition. The younger ones making dessert  – a whipped cream and pound cake affair. The older kids made homemade Falafel from scratch – from the dried chick peas (the only way to make authentic Falafel!). We pureed, chopped and mixed.  Also on the menu was Tahinah Sauce with imported Israeli Tahinah, Labne (yogurt with herbs and lemon zest), Israeli Salad and Pita/Zaatar crisps.

As you can see from the photos below, they all seemed to like the fruits of their labors!  I also really enjoyed cooking with the kids.  Thank you to Lily Lucey and Aylah Winter for having the idea and making it happen!






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