Enveloped In Love – Our Kiddush Experience

On Feb 26, 2022, my family hosted the kiddush for Brian’s 10th  birthday party – first time double digits is an exciting chapter! The moment we entered synagogue, congregants wished Brian a happy birthday. Rabbinic Intern, Lily Lucy, welcomed us into the Hinei Ma Tov JLC event, by wishing Brian a good birthday and pointing out to the other students that the birthday table covers, balloons and food items were all set up so that the congregation could celebrate Brian entering his double-digit birthday. It made Brian feel so special. Continue reading




We owe a lot of people our thanks!  It’s literally been a flurry of activity at Shomrei since the pipe burst and the flood ensued.  Once the initial crisis is over, the hard work begins — the restoration. So many volunteers and staff have stepped-up to meet this crisis on our behalf, it’s a good time to recognize some of them and express our gratitude! Continue reading

Photo Gallery: Shomrei Preschool Has a Temporary Home

President Fern Heinig visiting preschoolers at their temporary "digs".

President Fern Heinig visiting preschoolers at their temporary “digs”.

Due to emergency reconstruction at Shomrei as a result of a recent burst pipe (and flood), Shomrei preschool has relocated temporarily to Temple Sholom in Cedar Grove. From reports by Fern and the Rabbi who visited today,  the kids are having as much fun as ever!

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Shomrei Teens to Create Their Own Charity

STOM Kids (Shomrei Teens of Montclair) prepare cookies for MESH Cafe, (Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless)

STOM Kids (Shomrei Teens of Montclair) prepare cookies for MESH Cafe, (Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless)

STOM or Shomrei Teens of Montclair, is a comprehensive program for students in grades 8-12. STOM builds a community of like-minded Jewish teens, as they meet weekly to connect socially and by developing and building on social-justice and leadership goals.

This year STOM will focus on philanthropy programs that will introduce teens to collective fundraising. This group process is guided by Jewish values and provides teen philanthropists-in-training with opportunities to gain new leadership skills. We hope that this early experience with philanthropy will not only strengthen their engagement with Jewish life but also ensure their commitment to lifelong giving based on Jewish values. Continue reading

Cooking with the JLC Kids


All the Wednesday JLC kids and I spent the last two Wednesdays cooking together.  Last week they learned the recipes and this week they cooked themselves (with a little help). They divided into teams and had a competition. The younger ones making dessert  – a whipped cream and pound cake affair. The older kids made homemade Falafel from scratch – from the dried chick peas (the only way to make authentic Falafel!). We pureed, chopped and mixed.  Also on the menu was Tahinah Sauce with imported Israeli Tahinah, Labne (yogurt with herbs and lemon zest), Israeli Salad and Pita/Zaatar crisps. Continue reading

First Day of the New Hebrew School!


Busy busy in the New JLC!

Yasher Koach on a wonderful welcome back (indoor!) BBQ and first day of JLC!  The students were overwhelmingly positive about the change in the building and program (Wow! was a common response upon seeing the new furniture/rooms!)  The rooms looked great, the teachers were warm and wonderful, and the students had amazing energy.  I am thrilled for the year to come. Assistant Education Directors, Lily Lucey and Aylah Winter were both wonderful in their interactions with students and parents, and I think everyone is responding to having such a capable team in place.


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Meet Aylah Winter, New Assistant Education Director

1511_Winter_015Aylah Winter has been named as one of Shomrei’s new Assistant Education Directors. She, Lily Lucey and Education Director, Heather Brown will run both the JLC (Hebrew School) and Shomrei Preschool.

Since moving to Montclair three years ago Aylah has become involved in the Shomrei community. She has served on the education board for the past two years and worked in the preschool as an assistant teacher. Over the last year she also worked to coordinate travel to Israel for individuals, families and groups with a private tour operator. Continue reading

Purim Carnival: Goldfish and Pizza

Sam hands out some "Sams"

Sam hands out some “Sams”

A great big “Yasher Koach” to Nancy Breslin The Purim Carnival Chair her committee, Sally Goodgold, Karen Greenwald, Aimee Brooks, Jennifer Sharret and Aylah Winter and the scads of volunteers!  The Carnival was a big success.  Tons of kids running all over the place!  Kids from the JLC were running the games and helping out.

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