King David in Literature

David paintingThis week we are skipping ahead from Bereshit to the story of David to coincide with the next Nourish.  On October 20, Paul Boorstin will be speaking about his book, “David and the Philistine Woman,” a work of historical fiction.

Based on extensive research, Boorstin has created a fast -paced story of the events leading up to David’s confrontation with Israel’s nemesis, the giant Goliath.

Filled with details of life among both the Philistines and the Israelites, the book gives life to the oft-told story, fleshing out the characters and providing them with motivation. This is not a David and Goliath for young readers.

Here are some related books to fill in the gaps: (*Indicates a book for younger readers)

David Palestine1Boorstin , David and the Philistine Woman: a creative look at the young David and his times.

Brooks, The Secret Chord: a reimagining of David’s memoir by a master of historical fiction.

david fisher 2Cohen, *David, a biography *:A carefully researched book  which  draws on archaeological, historical, political, and psychological records to describe what David would have been like as a ruler.

Fisher,  *David and Goliath*: David, King Saul, and Goliath come vividly to life in this brightly illustrated retelling.

Fox, Give Us a King! Samuel, Saul and David: a new translation of Samuel I and II.

David marzollo3Greenberg, The Complete Psalms: the book of prayer songs in a new translation.

Little, *David and the Giant*: an easy reader version of the well-known story.

Marzollo, *David and Goliath*: a clear retelling of the story with some humorous asides and illustrations.

Murdoc, *David*: small format for younger readers.

David pinsky4Pinsky, The Life of David: a well-done biography with poetic language by the former poet laureate of the United States.

Sega, *The Story of King Saul and King David*: illustrated with 40 reproductions from 13th century illuminated manuscripts.

Zakutinsky, *King David and the Frog*: adapted from Perek Shira

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