A Glorious Evening

With approximately forty-five other Shomrei members, Bruce and I attended the Musical Taste of Shabbat hosted by Ken Bannerman and Judy Wildman last Friday evening at their beautiful home.

The Service was glorious and memorable. Judy led the service, while Ken played the bass and Merrill Silver played the piano. We all sang the wonderful Kabbalat Shabbat songs, led by Judy, including Mizmor Shir, Lechu Neranina, etc. The music was so very wonderful!

The pot luck dinner was a great success. Everyone made so many scrumptious salads, main courses: veggies, pasta dishes, salmon and desserts. They were all delicious!

But the best part was being together and talking to all our friends.

A huge “Thank You” and “Mazel Tov” to Judy, Ken and Merrill.

Bruce and Natalie Baff

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