Shomrei Bridge Club Up and Running

Seamless background with suits

The Shomrei Bridge Club is now a genuine going concern! This past week we had 5 players, including a student from the Adult School of Montclair bridge class from last fall. The bidding was lively, the play equally so, the wins exhiliarating and the (rather frequent) losses crushing. But chips and sodas helped buoy our spirits.

We are very mixed group as far as skills are concerned: two of the players are true experts, two are advanced beginners and one is a complete newbie. So, if you’ve thought about joining us but felt intimidated because you don’t know how to play or haven’t played since God’s dog was a puppy, never fear: you will be welcomed and showered with guidance.

We meet every Wednesday, weather permitting, in the small room next to the synagogue office, 6-ish to 8-ish in the evening.

Hope to see you there next week!
Bill Batkay​

Anyone interested can contact Bill Batkay at email hidden; JavaScript is required or by phone at 973-744-1153 or 201-452-7071 (cell).

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