Toda Raba

Thank you to everyone who helped with the Sukkot kiddushes. The special Shabbat kiddush was a huge success with well over 100 people sharing a scrumptious meal together in our lovely sukkah on a perfect fall afternoon.

Kudos to Dale Russakoff who spearheaded the effort and to Suzanna Grobman and Katie Teladano who made it all work along with a superb crew of volunteer sous chefs who chatted and chopped from Thursday ‘til Saturday.

What a wonderful thing to see the multi-generational group ranging from a preteen to a nonagenarian and various decades in between coming together for a common cause.

As one of the kiddush coordinators, I hope that this is the first of many such efforts.

And now a special thank you to Erin Berman, Beryl Hiller and Andy Silikowitz who arrived early or stayed late to help with the Sukkot kiddushes on the weekday holidays.

It really does take a village.

Please remember that there is a kiddush every week. So keep volunteering. We need lots of hands in the coming weeks,

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