MESH Report Jan 28, 2020

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From Captain Fern Heinig

“It was a really good MESH night” – quote from Bonny at the end of the night.
The Chaos Crew was a high performance team this past Tuesday, serving 25 guests in house at the Carol Starr MESH cafe and providing six plus take away meals.  A special dinner is always provided the last week of January as a way to celebrate Captain Fern’s birthday.

image (4)The ambitious meal prepared, featured several new menu items, which will be incorporated into the regular monthly meals prepared by the Chaos Crew.  The opening dish was Vegetarian Pin Wheels (new) served on a bed of leftover Faro Salad.  This was followed by Tortellini Salad made mixed with spinach, artichoke hearts, and tomatoes (new).  The main was oven fried Flounder, mashed potatoes, and home made coleslaw.  This was accompanied by freshly made cornbread, baked by Shomrei teen Jonah (new and the most popular item last night).  For dessert, we served birthday cake along with a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday for all our guests who celebrated a birthday in January or will be having a birthday in February.
Guests, volunteers, MESH staff, all left with a smile on their face in an incredible mood.
Tuesday night‘s Chaos Crew included:
Jonah – Shomrei teen
Michael – new member to Shomrei and a MESH first night
Kids : Hannah, Evan, Henry, Allie, Taylor, Sienna
Adults : Elana and Tracie
MESH Staff :  Bonny, Adrienne, Joe, and Darryl


About MESH:

The Carol Starr MESH Cafe at Shomrei (Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless) is a cooperative effort between the MESH organization and local synagogues and churches.  Volunteers at each institution cook and serve hearty, nutritious meals for the hungry. Shomrei’s turn is on Tuesday nights. A good meal, and perhaps as important, social interaction and companionship offer respite to those who need it. Please help fulfill this crucial mitzvah by volunteering.

To sign up to help, go to

Have questions?

Email Lynne Kurzweil or call (973)746-0816
Email Aileen Grossberg or call (973) 744-3836

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