MESH Cafe June 5, 2018


Report from Captain Alex Kent:

On a lovely evening, the Carol Starr MESH Cafe hosted a full house of 24 guests. There was the least number of volunteers ever, and yet everything went off with out a hitch! Susan Rosenblatt enjoyed herself washing dishes, including a bowl that was bigger than she is, as well as pitching in with many other tasks. Chefs Aileen Grossberg and Lynne Kurzweil magically pulled together a meal, using existing foods, and spending only $12 on a few items. If only they could package that!

Thank you to the parents of Eli Fellus for contributing food that remained from his Bar Mitzvah kiddush. Lynne and Aileen had to leave early, and had the full meal ready to go. MESH staffers Adrienne and Joseph handled their duties like true professionals, along with security guard, Joe. The meal was bountiful: egg salad with veggies and crackers to start, 2nd course of green salad and challah, main course of fish sticks with tartar sauce, rice with peas and carrots, and zucchini with mushrooms and tomatoes. Dessert was fruit salad with chocolate babka. One extra guest, who could not come in as we were full up, was given a bag containing the meal.


About MESH:

The MESH Cafe (Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless) is a cooperative effort between the MESH organization and local synagogues and churches.  Volunteers at each institution cook and serve hearty, nutritious meals for the hungry. Shomrei’s turn is on Tuesday nights. A good meal, and perhaps as important, social interaction and companionship offer respite to those who need it. Please help fulfill this crucial mitzvah by volunteering.

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Alex Kent

Alex Kent

Alex Kent is a long time Shomrei member.She volunteers for Mesh Cafe (Montclair Emergency Services for the Homless), IHN (Interfaith Hospitality Network - Housing Homeless Families) and the Shomrei Mensch Squad (a congregant to congregant help-squad).
Alex Kent

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