A Swiss Shomrei Shabbat

We didn’t have to ski in the Alps nor did we have to brave the cold to enjoy host Fern’s favorite Swiss food – raclette – for Shabbat dinner. Although this melted cheese dish, with roasted vegetables, boiled potatoes and gherkins may have originated in medieval convents in Switzerland and is enjoyed après ski in the Alps, it translated very well onto Fern’s beautiful Shabbat table.

Since each guest melted the cheese on a shared raclette grill but personalized his/her portion, it was a very communal activity. With Andy’s homemade challah, we added a new dimension to the traditional raclette. Mini-grilled cheese sandwiches! Add Fern’s gluten-free salmon burgers, and delicious desserts provided by Anita, Shirley and David, we felt like we were dining (and relaxing) in a chateau in the Alps.

Special thanks to Fern, who called our evening Shabbat “Lite.” But with the Shabbat candles burning brightly, the Motzee made over the challah, and kiddush recited over Riesling wine, I prefered to call it Shabbat “Light.”

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