Photo Gallery: A Beautiful Night at Shomrei


A Beautiful Shomrei Chanukah Celebration!

I look forward to our Shomrei Chanukah Celebration every year. While it is easy to love the beautiful music of the Simcha Band (Thank you Merrill Silver and Mark Weinstein!), the delicious food (lovingly prepared by master chefs John Lasiter, Leon Berman, Fern Heinig, Charlie Breslin, Adam Dembrow, Aaron Task, Kate Breslin, Alan Breslin, and Yechiel Felder), and the fun crafts (have you ever tried an edible dreidel?), my favorite moment each year occurs in the sanctuary.

We dim the lights, and each family lights their own hanukkiah. The glow of the candles is pure magic. Families of all ages and stages gather round to enjoy the glow. Each hanukkiah is unique and reflects a piece of each family’s personality. From the emoji hanukkiah to the piano that glows with candles on top, each hanukkiah brings a special light into our sanctuary. We sing all my favorite Chanukah songs together, and the rush of time seems to slow a little.

Thank you to all the amazing participants who brought so much light to our Chanukah celebration. I am already looking forward to next year!

Heather Brown
Education Director
Congregation Shomrei Emunah

Here’s a photo gallery from the festivities:


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2 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: A Beautiful Night at Shomrei

  1. This may have been the biggest Chanukah celebration in recent years. Yasher Koach to all whom may it happen

  2. Heather- we appreciate all your hard work making the Chanuka party such a success. Thank you for reminding us to pause and appreciate the magical glow of our community candle-lighting.

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