Powerful Energy in Preschool and JLC

preschool 2

The Preschool enrolled 67 children this year, which has been our most successful year to date. This was the first year where the school even had a waiting list for both of our 2’s classes. We are excited to report that we also have a waiting list in place for one class already for the upcoming school year, with other wait lists expected soon. Families continue to take tours and enroll for the upcoming school year throughout the summer.

The Preschool continues to meet and exceed revenue expectations, thanks in part to a successful model for before and after care. The extended hours allow many families to craft a schedule that works for them, and we hear from families how much they appreciate this service.

Once again, the end of year Art Auction continues to raise a generous amount to support the Preschool. We raised $6k in funds this year.

SHomrei JLC

The JLC concluded a very successful year with a new team of staff members, all of whom will be returning in the fall. Most importantly, the feedback from our families was very positive about the staff changes, and there was a very positive vibe in each of the classrooms. JLC enrolled 37 students this year, including 7 very dedicated STOM (high school) students. We are looking forward to a year of growth in the JLC for next year. We are anticipating a strong K-1 class, with several new students joining the JLC. Assistant Director Aylah Winter will be starting a new STOM group for recent bnai mitzvah students, to allow this new cohort to grow, learn, and experience STOM together. The “original” STOM group will continue to meet together as well, to maintain the integrity of the bonds they have already established. Assistant Director Lily Lucey will also be taking on an expanded role as a Rabbinic Intern, working with JLC, Preschool, and Shomrei members to deepen their connection to Shomrei. She will be leading holiday experiences, themed Friday night services, a Youth service, and a Teen-Led Shabbat morning service for the congregation. We look forward to seeing the results of all of these deepened connections in the coming year.


Overall, there was a powerful energy from the Preschool to the JLC this year. Our Shomrei Chanukah Celebration was once again packed with families and congregants celebrating and bringing light into Shomrei as a large community. Purim also allowed us to celebrate coming back into the building post-flood, and we felt the joy of our community once again. We look forward to another wonderful year ahead.


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