Powerful Energy in Preschool and JLC

preschool 2

The Preschool enrolled 67 children this year, which has been our most successful year to date. This was the first year where the school even had a waiting list for both of our 2’s classes. We are excited to report that we also have a waiting list in place for one class already for the upcoming school year, with other wait lists expected soon. Families continue to take tours and enroll for the upcoming school year throughout the summer. Continue reading

Photo Gallery: A Beautiful Night at Shomrei


A Beautiful Shomrei Chanukah Celebration!

I look forward to our Shomrei Chanukah Celebration every year. While it is easy to love the beautiful music of the Simcha Band (Thank you Merrill Silver and Mark Weinstein!), the delicious food (lovingly prepared by master chefs John Lasiter, Leon Berman, Fern Heinig, Charlie Breslin, Adam Dembrow, Aaron Task, Kate Breslin, Alan Breslin, and Yechiel Felder), and the fun crafts (have you ever tried an edible dreidel?), my favorite moment each year occurs in the sanctuary.

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A Terrific Start for JLC!

JLC Staff

The buzz for JLC this year is tremendous! We welcomed the new school year with a fresh new teaching staff, filled with experienced teachers who embrace our student-directed and experiential style of learning. As a result, all three of our JLC classrooms are filled with students eagerly working around the classroom on Hebrew and Judaic curriculum that engages the senses and entices students to learn using a variety of methods that are creative, fun, and modern. Continue reading

JLC (Hebrew School) – More Important Than Ever

IMG_20160718_174715The horrific events in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend reaffirmed my thoughts on the importance and necessity of a Jewish education and a positive association with a Jewish community for our youth and families.

I have vivid memories of growing up in Southern California as a young Jewish girl who always wore a Star of David necklace. Unfortunately, I also have vivid memories of all the times I would hastily tuck the necklace underneath my t-shirt, to blend into the crowd and conceal my Jewish identity. As a Jewish adult, I am thankful for the many experiences that shaped my Jewish identity today, proud that I am unapologetically Jewish first and no longer compelled to hide by Judaism. My Jewish education began in an after school program, much like our JLC, and it forever altered my quest to seek Jewish knowledge and community, and to explore what it meant for me to live a meaningful and authentic Jewish life.

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The Magic of Havdallah (in Pajamas)

havdallah in pajamasOn Saturday night (Jan 21), Preschool families gathered for Havdallah in Pajamas, with Rabbi Greenstein and myself. We always schedule this beautiful ceremony for a cold, winter night, which allows for more preschool families to attend before they start tucking their children into bed for the night.

With children running around in their jammies, the scene was set for some adorable photos. However, what sticks out in my mind even more, was the fact that this sweet and serene ceremony is always experienced for the first time each year by a new family. They might come out of curiosity, or simply because they know a friend will also be there. However, the magic of havdallah brings everyone together in a matter of minutes. Continue reading