It’s Kiddish Time

The sounds of prayer were complemented by the buzz of conversation as Shomrei celebrated the upcoming wedding of Jared Hurwich and Perrin Shapiro at the first indoor kiddush in almost two years.

The kiddush crew was out in full force prepping for this kiddush which was just a bit different from what they used to do. Instead of artfully arranged platters, there were trays of individual containers to grab and take to the tables. Cookies were snuggled into a foil pan with a see through tops so that the contents could be seen and labels abounded to identify the foods on display.

Sharon Hurwich helped create the happy mood with her nostalgic table decorations dating back to Jared’s bar mitzvah. Sometimes it pays to be a saver.

The conversation sounded joyful and people lingered at table to chat with people whom they had not seen in a while.

Rabbi Greenstein led after meal singing and the Birka Hamazon.

So kiddush is sort of back to normal. Unfortunately not everyone felt comfortable in the social setting but hopefully that will change in the near future and we can all share a festive Shabbat lunch together.

The kiddush lunch will not become a weekly event just yet but congregants are urged to schedule a sponsored kiddush for a simcha or a yahrzeit. Contact Aileen Grossberg (email hidden; JavaScript is required) or Ehud Klinger (email hidden; JavaScript is required) for details and available dates.

Many, many thanks to the following who helped put this kiddush together: Linda Ariel, Elliot Fischer, Marc Grossberg, Miriam Haimes, Beryl Hiller, Marty Hochbaum, Sharon Hurwich, Carol Katzman, Nick Levitin, Zen Lucey, and Sarah Steindel. And a special thanks goes to Ehud Klinger and the entire staff.

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