Shomrei Purim Band


It is always a pleasure to thank the Purim Band for its contribution to our community celebration. So a huge heartfelt “Yasher Koach” to:

IMG_7409Rob Brumer, Eli Fellus, Sol Bernstein on saxophone, Mike Tizhgarten on violin, Nathan Pendola, Howie Erichson on drums and vocalist Andy Silikovitz.  Everyone is busy with school and work but somehow this multi-generational band manages to find time for the band. Shomrei is grateful and proud of this commitment every Purim (and Chanuka).

This year we welcomed Katherine Rabinovitch Delaney as our conductor. She conducted with precision and with heart and the band followed her baton.

Thanks also for the support we get from Rabbi Greenstein, Lily Lucey and Lisa Zelenetz.

We always have room for more musicians. Chanuka is only nine months away!

Merrill Silver, Piano player


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