Stop the Bleed

On Tuesday evening, four  active Shomrei members – all of whom are involved in volunteering at Shomrei – took part in disaster training called Stop the Bleed.

While this training on how to save lives by staunching the flow of blood is intended to be part of emergency training in case of an event at the synagogue, what we learned could be applied to a kitchen knife accident, a fall down the stairs or any situation where extensive bleeding occurs.

The presenters, EMTs from the Montclair Ambulance Unit, clearly explained what to do and how to use equipment  in a variety of scenarios. The verbal explanation and powerpoint presentation were followed by hands-on practice of the techniques taught.

The EMTs eagerly answered questions and followed everything up with repetition and review.

We all agreed that this was a very worthwhile training and came away more confident about our abilities to be helpful in an emergency situation.

This is the first in a series on how to protect ourselves and the institution initiated by Ehud Klinger, Shomrei’s director of operations.

If you have not signed up for one of the remaining sessions, do so right away. It’s worth the price of a babysitter or one night of TV.

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