A Little Bit of Magic

Do you remember the folktale about the shoemaker and the elves who secretly helped out the shoemaker or the stories of Elijah who provided beautifully set tables for poor, but righteous folk?

We have our own not-so-secret elves at Shomrei who on this past Saturday were out in full force at Teddy Goldman’s bar mitzvah as the social hall morphed from sanctuary to banquet hall in less than twenty minutes.

Led by Carlos and Javier, our most competent and organized custodians and Suzanna Grobman and Karen Altman, from the Kiddish Volunteers, the dining tables were set up and graced with beautiful flowers, the service tables loaded with platters and bowls. The dessert table enticed guests with its beautiful array of baked goods and fresh fruit.

Congregants and guests pitched in to accomplish this minor miracle and – as it is said – a good time was had by all.

Thank you to kiddush volunteers Nancy and Charlie Breslin, Marty Hochbaum, Miriam Haimes, Marc Grossberg, Carol Katzman, Aileen Grossberg, and especially coordinators Beryl Hiller, Karen Atlman and Suzanna Grobman.

To be part of this kiddush magic, please sign up to help prepare an upcoming event: Shomrei.org/volunteer

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