Housing Homeless Families Dec 21-28

Shomrei's Ambassadors help setup for IHN!

Shomrei’s Ambassadors help setup for IHN!

By Dale Russakoff and Shirley Grill
Congregants and IHN Co-Chairs Shomrei Emunah

Each year our shul partners with the Interfaith Hospitality Network  to host homeless families at Congregation Shomrei Emunah for one week. This is vital work. Many of the families are in critical need of short term housing and sustenance.  Often as a result of illness, job loss or other uncontrollable circumstances families and children are in need of our care. Our synagogue community has been generous and kind in spreading the wings of shelter over these people in need. It’s truly a mitzvah.

Please consider signing up to help in this effort.  We have jobs small and a little bit bigger than small.  Bring your kids! Beginning the morning of the 21st when we’ll set up the bedrooms through noon on the 28th when we’ll break down the shelter. Inbetween, we need nightly coordinators, cooks, adults and kids to engage the families and hardy volunteers to sleep over each night. We also need volunteers all day on Dec. 27 for those families who decide to stay at Shomrei rather than go out.

Everyone who volunteers with the IHN families finds the experience meaningful and memorable — and it’s different every time. It’s a rare opportunity to provide support for families who have almost no one to lean on. Please help in any way you can. For those of you who will be out of town, please consider a donation ($18 or so) to Shomrei’s IHN fund to help us pay for food and other expenses during the hosting week.

To sign up to help, visit http://shomrei.org/volunteer

Or email Dale Russakoff or Shirley Grill

To make a donation call Marge Wise, Executive Director at (973)746-5031

Best to all of you,
Dale Russakoff and Shirley Grill

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