Mesh Cafe Dec 6, 2016

IMG_0341From Captain Sarita Eisenberg

Outside it was chill and rainy. Inside 25 guests enjoyed warmth and comfort food.  Chef Melissa Elbaum, assisted by Sarita Eisenberg (and a cameo appearance by Aileen Grossberg), whipped together a 3-course meal: a salad of baby arugula & spinach with artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, and corn; a hearty beef stew with potatoes and veggies accompanied by rolls; finished off with fruit salad and rugelach. The meal was a huge hit and there was plenty for seconds of every course.

IMG_0342Thank you to Aaron Task for shopping. Erin Berman arrived just in time to clean some dishes. Lou Hammerman served and finished the clean up. Our teen helpers – Gabbie, Eve, Sam, Siona, and Amalia – were in constant motion, plating, serving, and clearing the tables.
MESH staffers – Adrienne, Bonnie, Mr. Wells, and Joe – were, as always, great to work with and ensured that everything went smoothly.

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