Mesh Cafe Oct 17, 2017


From Captain Shirley Grill

We had a full house of 24 guests with the start of the chilly fall weather. To ward off the cold, Chef Fern Heinig prepared a hearty vegetable soup (also to accommodate the need for a dairy meal–great flexibility–from meatballs to meatless!)

Our Menu:
Appetizer: humus, pita, red pepper and cakes–artfully arranged by Zen Lily and his granddad Robert.
Hearty Vegetable Soup: tomato base with potatoes and every vegetable available, and challah slices
Entree: Salmon filet with a delicate yougurt and dill sauce (aka tzatziki), honey carrots and buttered noodles. Desert: clementines, cookies and mini cupcakes.

Dinner was served by the competent team of volunteers led by Adrienne of MESH–Teddy, China and Davida. Our teens worked until the last pot was washed–a successful evening for our guests and super team.

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