Mesh Cafe Oct 6, 2015

MESH 2015 oct 6

Report from Captain Jill Hamburg Coplan:

MESH was wonderful. All can be proud of the warmth and delicious food that our 22 hungry neighbors received, instead of the usual 20.

MESH 2 2015 oct 6Iron Chef John Lasiter, with Jerilyn Margulies, made more than enough for the extra guests, enough for seconds. Zero leftovers! Tossed salad & buttered challah appetizer, salmon fillets with mustard sauce guests called “the best salmon I’ve ever had,” sides of roasted rosemary potatoes and green beans, and dessert was a huuuuge birthday cake from Rachel Kanter and Andy Ely in honor of Pacey’s birthday, which — how lucky is this? — tonight Helene , one of the guests, turned 86. She looked joyful when a votive candle was lit & everyone sang the song.

Volunteer servers included Adrienne Lasiter, Shelly Levine, Eileen Goldmeier, and from MESH & Montclair State, Thalia and ‘Miss’ Bonnie , supervising and the ever-present junior Veronica.

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