How We Treat Refugees & Immigrants: Shomrei Members Respond to a Need


Some of our congregants have been refugees, others have belonged to families whose members were refugees.

In response to a letter I wrote in Shomrei Week several weeks ago, a group of Shomrei congregants –– more than 30, so far –– have expressed interest in working on a project to support today’s refugees and other immigrants in need. As a result, we will be having an organizational meeting for the project this Sunday (March 5th) at 7 PM, at Shomrei. All members of the Shomrei community who are interested in helping are invited.

The meeting will be exploratory in nature, as we review what synagogues and other groups in our area are doing, what we can do, and what we are willing to commit to doing as members of the Shomrei community.

More than forty years ago, Abraham Joshua Heschel asked, “Where does God dwell in America today?” It is a challenging question. Today, a number of synagogues and churches are attempting to respond to it by actively working on behalf of refugees and other immigrants who are in need of support. There is considerable suffering in the world and as always we American Jews have an opportunity –– some would even say a responsibility –– to take action.

Please join us as we explore what we as members of Shomrei Emunah can do in support of this effort.

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