Music Makes Your Heart Soar

Simchah band Purim 2015Have you ever noticed how magical music can be? Music makes your heart soar, your fingers snap, your hands clap and your feet tap. It evokes memories and gives you hope for the future. It makes you smile and sing simultaneously.

The Simcha Purim Band created this magic when our community came together to celebrate this joyous holiday. We played our traditional Purim repertoire but added some new Purim songs, too. This year, we also added two Klezmer melodies. When we heard Haman’s name, we played every discordant note we could think of.

Thank you to the following people who created magic with their music: Talia Fellus who joined us for the first time, Louis Kravitz, Sam and Elliot Lasiter, and Sebastian Posada who have been growing up with the band since we began in 2011, and David Halpfinger, David Ackerman, Jerilyn Margulies, Sol Bernstein, and Debra Caplan for taking time out of their busy schedules to join the band.

Simchah band Purim 2015Special thanks to Conductor Mark Weinstein who makes sure all musicians feel comfortable and play their best, no matter what their level of expertise is.

The magic that happens behind the scenes of the Simcha band is called hard work. We appreciate the hard work of Marge and her office staff, Carlos, Sarah Steindel, Sarah and Heather and all the parents who encourage their kids to join the band and to practice. Thanks to Rabbi Greenstein who always asks how the band is coming along and if he can help.

If you would like to be part of the magic, the music or the hard work, please contact Merrill Silver for more information.


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