Kiddush Thanks

Holly and her mother-in-law stopping in to say thank you

A sincere thanks to those who volunteered to help prepare and set-up Olyvia Hahn’s bat mitzvah kiddush.

Charlie Breslin (who handles a knife like a pro)

Beryl Hiller, (who has an eye for designing lox platters)

Rita Singer (whom we are happy to have back in the kitchen)

Miriam Haimes ( who makes cutting fruit an art)

Marc Grossberg (who is the dedicated bagel delivery person),

Carol Katzman (also known as the cookie lady),

Charles Steindel (salad maker extraordinaire)

Karen Altman (whose efficiency gets things done)

Zen Lucey (Shomrei’s young chef in training)

Erin Berman (who moved tables and made the set-up and clean up a breeze)

Part of the table decor

A special thank you to every one who helped with the changeover especially Lila and Kate Breslin. We did it in record time.

It’s been said so often that many hands make light work. Come join the Kiddush crew and help prepare our Shomrei celebratory kiddushes. Times are flexible and the conversation is stimulating. You may even get a good nosh.

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