Guys and Graggers! – Purim Shpiel, 2016


Come see “Guys and Graggers” during the Megillah-reading service on Erev Purim, Wednesday, March 23rd.

Based on the hit show “Guys and Dolls”, this shpiel was adapted for Purim by Craig Eichner, produced and edited by Lisa Pendola, and directed by Jennifer Moss. Continue reading

Palestinian Peace Activist, Speaks in Montclair

Ali Abu Awwad Credit: Claude Truong-Ngoc

Ali Abu Awwad
Credit: Claude Truong-Ngoc

“If there were peace life would have a value. There would be games for the children, employment and opportunities. While there is no peace, there will be no life.”

~Ali Abu Awwad

If someone had told me a few years ago that I’d be inspired by a Palestinian activist to solve a parenting dilemma, I never would have believed it.

Since childhood (close to five decades), I’ve known of conflict in the Middle East. I regard myself as having a Jewish-American viewpoint on Zionism. Having put considerable thought and effort into embracing egalitarianism and coexistence of all people in recent years, I have never felt particularly biased. So . . . it is tough to admit to having had a fear of (and even an aversion to) Arabs and their culture for most of my life. This prejudice felt like something I was raised with. The orthodox rabbis that taught at my Conservative Hebrew School on Long Island, my parents and friends’ parents, plus the general influence of society, all seemed to reinforce my bias and ignorance of the humanity of these people.

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