Guys and Graggers! – Purim Shpiel, 2016


Come see “Guys and Graggers” during the Megillah-reading service on Erev Purim, Wednesday, March 23rd.

Based on the hit show “Guys and Dolls”, this shpiel was adapted for Purim by Craig Eichner, produced and edited by Lisa Pendola, and directed by Jennifer Moss.

Our wonderful cast includes a few young stars – member Elana F. as Esther and JLC student Hailey B. as Zeresh. Cameo appearances include JLC students Madelaine B, Talia F., Natasha and Eve H., Lila and Kate B., Zeke S. and Nathan P.

Piano accompanist Siona E. is a member of STOM, and very active as a volunteer in our community. The opening number will be performed by a chorus of JLC students, accompanied by Moreh Mitch Radler.

Returning to the Shpiel stage are Ann Lippel as Vashti, Yechiel Felder as Achashverosh, Carney Mimms as Mordechai, and Andy Silikovitz as the evil Haman. Cameo appearances include Natalie Baff and Marty Hochbaum.

The Shomrei Shpielers look forward to seeing you there!

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