MESH Report April 9, 2024

The sun shone brightly and spirits were high as our energetic volunteers prepared 50 take-away meals for our MESH guests. Working hard on chopping were Rabbi Julie and her sons Ilan and Rafael.  Always willing volunteer Susan Rosenblatt filled little cups with tartar sauce while Carole Rothman wrapped Italian rolls. Alex Kent got the main course ready for the oven. Continue reading

A Swiss Shomrei Shabbat

We didn’t have to ski in the Alps nor did we have to brave the cold to enjoy host Fern’s favorite Swiss food – raclette – for Shabbat dinner. Although this melted cheese dish, with roasted vegetables, boiled potatoes and gherkins may have originated in medieval convents in Switzerland and is enjoyed après ski in the Alps, it translated very well onto Fern’s beautiful Shabbat table. Continue reading

Shabbat Your Way Message From Rabbi Julie

Dear Shomrei Community,

You know the drill.  Have or Host Shabbat Your Way on March 22.  And make your rabbi really happy by telling us your Shabbat dinner story even if it doesn’t involve a ukelele or Antartica.

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Enjoy these highlights from February Shabbat Your Way:

Shabbat with Isaac and His Ukelele – Judy Wildman

We celebrated Shabbat in New Hampshire with our daughter Elana, son-in-law Allan, and grandchildren – Isaac age 4, Samuel age 2 and Ayla age two weeks. The lineup included Bim Bam, Shabbat Shalom, the dinosaur Shabbat song, candle lighting, Shalom Aleichem, Vayechulu, Kiddush [blessing over wine] and Motzi [blessing over bread]. Since they had to go to bed by seven, and we had a long playlist, we had to get there by 4:30pm. Samuel played the ukelele and Isaac was on the xylophone. It was quite a celebration — better than any we ever have in our house — and of course I was thrilled.

Shabbat at Sea – Sharon Hurwich

We were on a ship for 18 days as we cruised around Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands. The cruise line, Viking, provides kosher wine, challah, and sometimes prayer sheets every Friday in a very cozy area of the ship called The Hide. We missed the first Shabbat because I was really seasick, but we made it to the second two Friday evenings and met some very lovely people from Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. There were 10 of us in all. We tried to arrange a Shabbat dinner but the restaurant couldn’t do dinner for 10 on a Friday night, so we had a belated Shabbat dinner the following Monday in a lovely private dining room. It was very nice to make connections with fellow Jewish travelers so far from home.

Pre-Birthday Shabbat – Servanaz Zelkha SIngh

We had a pre-birthday Shabbat dinner for Brian’s 12th birthday. He decided to invite three non-Jewish friends and lead prayers. A nice way to start being 12!

Shabbat Dinner Selfie – Dale Russakoff
Taken at the home of Sarita Eisenberg and Lou Hammerman