MESH Cafe Nov 10, 2015


Report from Captain Lynne Kurzweil:
With a chill in the outside air, we welcomed 23 guests to the warm and inviting place that is Shomrei’s MESH Cafe.

Many who come are our regulars and there are always some new faces as well. Guests were treated to the ultimate comfort food, broccoli risotto appetizer, meatloaf, smashed potatoes, and Asian salad, and apple crisp. The meal was graciously prepared and served by several of our Shomrei PreSchool parents. Bridget Placet organized the crew with the cooking done by Bridget, Amu Rajendran and David Yett, Lauren Rosenthal, Debra Caplan and Joanna Desmond-Stein. Danielle Bear and Amu and David ably served and cleaned up. Amalia Nachmann happily pitched in with all tasks. The amount of wholesome and delicious food prepared was so abundant that, with a little supplementation, we have enough in the freezer for another meal! At the conclusion of the meal, one guest stood up and quite eloquently expressed her gratitude for the wonderful food and the warm and welcoming environment. Shomrei is her favorite MESH Cafe and she wanted to make sure that we knew it!

Many thanks to all the preschool parents and to Amalia….together we made the evening such a success.

Healthy Regards,

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