Mesh Cafe Feb 13, 2018

IMG_1376From Captain Aileen Grossberg

On a beautiful winter evening, 21 guests including 3 children gathered at Shomrei’s MESH Cafe housed temporarily at the Union Baptist Church.

Our guests enjoyed a hearty  meal of black bean soup, salad, salmon teriyaki with brown rice, carrots and broccoli. This filling meal ended with brownies and clementines. Our vegetarian guests received a serving of protein from hard cooked eggs. Continue reading

Hot Soup on a Rainy Day

image1 (1)When Bridget Placek, a Shomrei Preschool mom, sent out an email asking for volunteers for a Shomrei Preschool family sponsored MESH dinner – I immediately replied – yes, I will. Paying it forward was one of my new year’s resolutions this year.

There were so many ways that I could help – cooking, shopping, serving. Being a busy mom doesnt allow me to make huge time commitments – this was perfect! I decided to cook a healthy bean and barley soup and pair it with baked rolls. Soup is my comfort food. My hope was to bring that much needed comfort to the families in the MESH program through delicious soup. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Mar 28, 2017

image1 (2)

From Captain Lynne Kurzweil:

Another outstanding meal lovingly prepared by our preschool parents was enjoyed by 24 grateful guests this past Tuesday night. Once again, Bridget Placek planned and organized a delicious and nutritious repast beginning with Bean and Farro Soup and challah mini rolls by Sally Goodgold. Next was Salmon with Mustard and Dill Sauce by Bridget, Rice and Vegetable Pilaf by Blake Mccarten. Dessert was Grapes and Homemade Chocolate Mousse (secret ingredient was Greek yogurt, don’t tell!) by Fiona Graff. Granola bars were the takeaway. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Mar 7, 2017


From Captain Sarita Eisenberg:

Yasher koach to our preschool parents! This was the first of four MESH cafes involving our preschool parents. Bridget Placek is coordinating that effort. Melissa Elbaum was scheduled to be head chef but unfortunately was sick and unable to come. Robin Hobart was assistant chef. Josh and Jessica Kline contributed the salad course. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Feb 7, 2017

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From Captain Lynne Kurzweil:

Shomrei’s MESH Cafe welcomed 15 hungry and appreciative guests this past Tuesday night. Melissa Elbaum was Chef du Jour and when the menu was announced there was hearty applause. Along with Sous Chef Bridget Placek, Melissa prepared a delicious Red Lentil and Barley Soup, Teriyaki Salmon with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Brown Rice with fresh herbs. Fresh Fruit Salad and Chocolate Crinkle Cookies completed the meal. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Mar 29, 2016

MESH 2016 mar 29 3

From Captain Shirley Grill:

MESH 2016 mar 29

Chef Ashley leading 3-year-olds in making apple cobbler

Tuesday’s MESH dinner was a special moment in intergenerational community involvement, from our youngest to our more mature members! The meal was lovingly prepared by our preschool students and their loving parents…place mats made by the tender 2’s, salad paid for and prepared by the 4’s (they proudly used their tzedakah money to buy the food) and our 3’s made the dessert–a wonderful apple cobbler.

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Preschool Art Auction a Huge Success!

Shomrei Preschool art auction 2015Our 6th annual Shomrei Preschool Art Auction was a huge success! On Sunday morning, May 17th, Shomrei Preschool families, congregants, community members, and extended family enjoyed a special morning in the social hall. Individual and group masterpieces were proudly hung on the walls, and attendees enjoyed viewing the variety of art and different styles presented by the young artists.

In addition to the art, everyone enjoyed a lively bidding session on donated auction items. The donations themselves represented the generous support of the entire community.

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A Shimmering Shomrei Hanukkah Party

2014-12-17 18.08.18
What an amazing Shomrei Hanukkah Party!  The moment the smell of frying latkes made its way around the building, I knew this was going to be an exciting night.  The JLC 7th grade students started the night off with a bang, with their homemade Hanukkah games and enthusiasm.  Children of all ages enjoyed pinning the tail on the menorah and trying to knock over large Hanukkah candles in the bean bag toss station.  We made edible menorahs and spun dreidels in paint, too, which made some beautiful designs.

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