Mesh Cafe Oct 31, 2017

From Captain Aileen Grossberg

IMG_1244On an evening that was all treats and no tricks,  21 guests sat down to a simple but hearty meal of minestrone soup, perfectly seasoned baked chicken breasts, colorful roasted baby carrots and broccoli, and smashed roasted potatoes followed by a medley of cantaloupe, pineapple and strawberries accompanied by Halloween Oreos for dessert. Co-chefs Sarah Steindel and Sarita Eisenberg operated like a well-oiled team, never missing a beat and timing the meal perfectly.

The food must have been tasty as most guests asked for seconds.

IMG_1243MESH staffer Adrienne led the serving  team with the help of teen Teddy and intern China. Volunteers Lou Hammerman, Charlie Steindel and Susan Rosenblatt kept the food moving from kitchen to table and left the kitchen spotless.  Substitute MESH security guard Mary made sure that the evening operated smoothly.

MESH chefs are reminded to check the MESH crate in the refrigerator for usable items such as vegetables or pastries.

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