It Takes A Community

Grossberg_Aileen kiddush prep 2015 oct 17

Coordinator Aileen Grossberg making Whitefish Salad

The Bar Mitzvah was poised and prepared. His parents were proud and poignant. The social hall tables were dressed in gold and covered with platters waiting for the hungry congregants to file in after the motzi and Kiddush.

All 200 plus of the congregants converged on the buffet table. The buzz in the room sounded happy and satisfied. The kids headed for the ice cream. The adults looked for real food.

And we gave it to them.

John Lassiter & Rachel Kanter, slicing & dicing

John Lassiter & Rachel Kanter slice & dice

This didn’t happen just by chance. The Shomrei Caterers couldn’t exist without people shopping for food and supplies, helping in the kitchen with food preparation, assisting with set up, and – last but not least – participating in the clean up.

Carolyn Lack cutting brownies

Carolyn Lack cuts brownies

Just ask anyone who has helped with Kiddush prep – from a simple “Breads and Spreads” on a Shabbat morning to a B’nai Mitzvah luncheon or a Kiddush commemorating a special person or occasion. The conversation is good and there may even be music playing in the background.

This past Shabbat’s Kiddush preparers and helpers need an extra special thanks. This Kiddush was definitely NOT a one-person job. It tested our limits, but we did it!

Stuart Larkin delivers the goods

Stuart Larkin delivers the goods

Our deep appreciation goes to the following:

Cooks: Carol Cathey, Sarita Eisenberg, Yechiel Felder, Rachel Kanter, Carolyn Lack, Adrienne Lasiter, John Lasiter, Carney Mimms, Merrill Silver, Josie Zeman.

Shoppers: Heather Brown, Stuart Larkin, Jerilyn Margulies.

Set up and clean up: Natalie Baff, Sarita Eisenberg, John Lasiter, Nick Levitin, June Zimmerman.

Eisenberg_Sarita Silver_Merrill kiddush prep 2015 oct 17

Sarita Eisenberg and Merrill Silver, rolling smoked salmon

Cathey_Carol Mimms_Carney kiddush prep 2015 oct 17

Carol Cathey and Carney Mimms, making salad

Needless to say, Shomrei’s staff – Carlos Lopez, Jorge Moreno, and Marge Wise – also helped immensely.

And our appreciation goes to Rabbi Greenstein who always comes by the kitchen on Friday morning to offer his thanks, maybe give a Torah rationale for food preparation…and even do a little taste test.

Please forgive me if I left out anyone. It truly takes a community to put together a B’nai Mitzvah celebration.

So, come join the Shomrei Caterers, have some fun, and feel the satisfaction of giving back to the Shomrei community.

Editor’s Note: And of course, none of this could happen without the planning, organization, oversight, time, effort, and culinary know-how provided by Aileen Grossberg!

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