Mesh Cafe Dec 19, 2017


From Captain Fern Heinig

Shomrei’s MESH Cafe served 16 guests last night in the Cafe and gave 6 take away dinners to guests whom could not join us for the sit down dinner. Head Chef and Captain Fern organized a four course hearty meal.  Special thanks to Rob Faulkner and Amalia who came early to assist as Soux chefs and make 9 lbs of Fern’s famous meat balls as a the main.  Amalia also helped prepare the vegetable soup which guests and volunteers alike could only use the word “delicious” to describe.

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An Evening of Warmth and Spirit



120 people gathered at Shomrei on Saturday March 4th to honor Rich Epstein and Susan Lazev at “Mensches & Martinis” our annual Honor Night celebration. Accompanied by the marvelous Stepansky-Posada Jazz Ensemble, the evening began with an elegant cocktail hour followed by catered feast.

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Mesh Cafe Dec 24, 2015

MESH 2015 dec 24

Report From Captain Lynne Kurzweil: 

MESH menu 2015 dec 24A few weeks ago, it came to our attention that the Thursday evening MESH Cafe (Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless) was not going to be serving dinner on Christmas Eve.  Aileen Grossberg was signed up to prepare a meal for our IHN guests (Interfaith Hospitality Network, temporary housing for homeless families) that night and Aileen graciously offered to expand the meal to include our MESH guests.

Aileen prepared a feast that was so much appreciated by 14 of our MESH regulars, complete with holiday tablecloths and paper goods and sparkling cider!  Please note the menu which was displayed on the dinner table. Continue reading