Mesh Cafe Jan 16, 2018


From Captain Alex Kent

Despite the burst water pipe, Shomrei was able to host a full complement of 21 MESH guests on Tuesday night.  Chef Lynne Kurzweil fashioned a robust dinner, creatively using a lot of existing food before the synagogue has to shut down for repairs.  The meal began with split pea and vegetable soup accompanied by challah rolls and butter.  The main course was roasted cod, rice pilaf, and string beans with tomatoes, along with a green salad.  Dessert was fruit salvaged from a previous event, along with assorted pastries.

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Mesh Cafe Nov 21, 2017


From Captain Alex Kent

The Shomrei MESH Cafe welcomed 20 guests on Tuesday night for a sumptuous pre-Thanksgiving feast, whipped up by Aileen Grossberg, with afternoon cooking help from Beryl Hiller.  Also pitching in were Susan Rosenblatt, who manned the sink like a champ, June Zimmerman and her two 8th grade daughters Elana and Margallit, our dedicated regular Amalia, and three seventh graders who attend the Buzz Aldrin School, Sam, Cole, and Owen, who are volunteering at MESH as part of their Jewish Workshop community service commitment.  MESH intern China was also on hand, along with MESH staffer Adrienne, and Captain Alex Kent.

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Mesh Cafe Mar 21, 2017

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From Captain Alex Kent:

24 guests showed up for MESH dinner on March 21st. Our chef was Arden Epstein who single-handedly whipped up a bountiful meal including her signature to-go bags.

Up first was cheese and crackers, with grapes. The main course consisted of a side of coleslaw, accompanied by baked cod with an herb butter sauce, green beans, parmesan rice, and bread and butter. Dessert was homemade chocolate almond bark prepared by Arden, served with strawberries and grapes. Every guest also got a bag with an apple and peanuts in the shell. As always, the meal was most appreciated. Leftovers were non-existent. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe May 17, 2016

Captain Alex Kent:

The Shomrei MESH Cafe fed 25 hungry guests Tuesday night.  Chef Arden Epstein presided in the kitchen, along with her friend Meredith Barrentine.  First up were savory zucchini muffins served with grape tomatoes.  The main course was baked cod with herbs, roasted broccoli, mashed sweet potatoes, and cole slaw made by Aileen Grossberg.  Rolls were served on the side.  The meal was capped off with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.  All guests received a to-go bag with a roll, granola bars, and clementines.

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Mesh Cafe Apr 12, 2016

MESH 2016 apr 12 rotated

From Captain Alex Kent:

The MESH Cafe served 26 guests this evening.  It was an haute cuisine meal prepared by Barbara Lesser and Carolyn Lack.  The feast began with Carrot/Orange soup, with bread and butter,  followed by steelhead trout with a strawberry glaze, served over bulgur, and accompanied by a stir fry of onions, peppers, and green beans.  Carolyn baked banana nut bread for dessert, served with fresh pineapple.  It looked and smelled delicious!  Our helpers included Shomrei’s Gus and Siona, along with Lexie and Shannon from Montclair State.  Rachel Kanter did lots of dishes, and was an all around helper.   Bonny and Adrienne from MESH rounded out the team.   Our guests were very appreciative as always. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Mar 15, 2016

MESH 2016 mar15From Captain Alex Kent:

Shomrei’s MESH Cafe served 26 guests Tuesday night, including 5 young children.

Chef Aileen Grossberg prepared an extremely colorful first course salad medley made up of green bean salad, carrot salad, and purple cole slaw, part of it courtesy of the Lasiter Bar Mitzvah, along with multi grain bread. Next up was potato soup with home made potato chips as a garnish. The main course was cod with a lime, chile, cumin, butter sauce (yum!), quinoa with peppers, beets, and onion (also courtesy of the Lasiter family) and asparagus with peppers and purple onion. For dessert there were homemade brownies topped with ice cream (found in the Shomrei freezer), chocolate sauce and strawberries. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Feb 23, 2016

MESH 2016 feb 23

Report from Captain Alex Kent:

On a dark and stormy night, a crew of hardy Shomrei MESH volunteers warmed the hearts and stomachs of 25 MESH guests.  Head cook Arden Epstein’s menu included a starter of homemade zucchini mini muffins, served with green grapes.  A salad was next, followed by the main course of penne pasta with a sauce of cherry tomatoes, spinach, garlic, cannellini beans, and parmesan cheese. Bread and butter was served on the side, and dessert was a scrumptious cappuccino mousse.  As always, the meal was wolfed down and compliments abounded.  Each guest also got a to-go bag with 2 clementines, 2 granola bars, and another mini muffin.

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Mesh Cafe Jan 19, 2016

mesh1 2015jan 19

From Captain Alex Kent:

On a frigid Tuesday evening, the Shomrei MESH Cafe welcomed 22 guests for dinner. Lynne Kurzweil was the Chef du Jour. Merrill Silver supplied a tasty split pea soup, which was followed by a main course of breaded Tilapia, baked sweet potatoes, spinach and feta quiche, roast broccoli with garlic and lemon (prepared by the ubiquitous Aileen Grossberg) and buttered bread. Dessert was clementines and strawberries, accompanied by homemade cookies and cake baked by Shomrei’s own STOM teens.  Continue reading