Photo Album: Shomrei’s 4-legged Members


There was a little purring, some excited barking, some energetic wrestling, and a little bit of growling. On a brisk Sunday afternoon, some of Shomrei’s 4-legged members and their 2-legged friends showed up for Shomrei’s “Pets Are a Blessing” event on the lawn.  Conducted and organized by Morah Lily and Rabbi Greenstein, activities included photos in front of a “step and repeat” wall, art projects, cookies, juice and  some discussions about the way in which our pets are a blessing in our lives.

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Blood and Guts: Parashat Lekh L’kha


Parashat Lekh L’kha 
Genesis 12:1 – 17:27

The story of the Jewish people begins with God’s call to Abram to journey to an unknown land in order to fulfill a mission – to be a blessing. While the move from Mesopotamia to Canaan is swiftly and uneventfully reported, once Abram and Sarai get to the Promised Land, life gets complicated. The pioneering couple have to meet many challenges – physical, spiritual and moral.

Abram’s faith is tested again and again. But, after Divine reassurance, the Torah reports: “And he (- Abram) had faith in the Eternal, and He (- God) accounted this for him as a righteousness.” (Gen. 15:6) Yet, right after we learn of Abram’s steadfast faith in God, the text continues: “And He said to him, ‘I am the Eternal Who took you out of Ur of the Chaldees to give this land to you to inherit it. And he said to Him, ‘My Lord, Almighty God, by what means shall I know that I will inherit it?” (vv. 7-8)

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MESH Cafe Oct 16, 2018

Report from Captain Stuart Green:

On a crisp autumn evening, the MESH cafe hosted 23 guests for a delicious and nourishing meal. The menu consisted of freshly made broiled salmon served with a selection of leftovers repurposed from Avital Ely’s bat mitzvah lunch, including a tuna salad and egg salad appetizer, with challah, sesame noodles, tomato and cucumber salad, quiche, and cookies. Staffing was light: Chef John Lasiter worked his magic on the fish and leftovers, and washed pots, while MESH professionals Adrienne, Bonny, and Joe worked the front of the house

Stuart Green

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Heart Healthy for Heshvan

penne potato3pennepenne2 dressing

I’ve had several requests for the potato salad recipe served on a recent Shabbat. There’s no magic to it except that there is no mayonnaise (or if you wish, just a little bit).  I must confess that I didn’t use a recipe but combined items to get the taste I was looking for.  But here’s an equivalent with changes made in the Shomrei kitchen. Continue reading

Reading the Entire Bible – Day by Day


A few years ago a project was started to gather readers in Israel and around the world to undertake reading a chapter of the Bible each day, from start to finish. There are 929 chapters altogether, so the project is called 929.

It started in the winter of 2014 and the first cycle was completed this summer.  As with our yearly reading of the Torah, the cycle has begun again and is presently in the middle of the Book of Exodus.

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Over $10,000 Raised For Shomrei Preschool Playground

IMG_4921-3 (1)

The Shomrei Preschool PTO (Parent/Teacher Organization) ran a fundraiser at Cyclebar as part of a series of upcoming events in support of the new playground. Cyclebar, a cycling studio in Montclair, let us fill a private class with our fundraising parents, alumni and staff. We also sold 60 custom t-shirts prior to the ride that raised additional funds.
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B’nai Keshet hosts “National Refugee Shabbat” Oct 19-21, 2018

National Refugee Shabbat  HIAS 2018-10-18 09-44-46

Our friends at Bnai Keshet (Reconstructionist Synagogue in Montclair)  will host a weekend of activities, for National Refugee Shabbat, part of a nationwide effort by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, (HIAS), to educate and train participants on issues and ways to help detained immigrants and asylum seekers. All events will be held at Bnai Keshet, 99 So. Fullerton Ave. in Montclair.

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A Day of Sunshine: Syrian Lunch in the Sukkah

Syrian lunch 1On a beautiful day of sunshine, our synagogue hosted a luncheon in our Sukkah. We invited as our guests Pastor David Noble and his congregation at the Central Presbyterian Church to thank them for hosting us during our time of need when our synagogue was flooded. Approximately 20 of his congregation family joined 50 of ours sharing a heartfelt afternoon of prayers, singing, food, and friendship. Continue reading

Bountiful Brass: From Bach to Bernstein


Montclair Chamber Brass: (L-R) Kyle Turner, Don Batchelder, Jeff Scott, Chuck Bumcrot, Anthony Mazzocchi


Sunday, November 4,  4pm
Congregation Shomrei Emunah
67 Park Street, Montclair (map)

Tickets $15 general.
Children under 18 and students with valid student ID, free.
purchase online

or Call (800)838-3006

Sponsored by the Eric Singer Charitable Fund and Congregation Shomrei Emunah

The Montclair Chamber Brass, a quintet of prominent brass musicians from the faculty of Montclair State University’s John J. Cali School of Music, will present a recital on Sunday, November 4 at 4pm at Shomrei Emunah, 67 Park Street in Montclair. This concert is the second annual Eric Singer (z”l) Memorial Concert, a series presented by the Eric Singer Charitable Fund and Shomrei Emunah to honor the longtime Shomrei Emunah member and music lover.

The program, titled “Bountiful Brass from Bach to Bernstein,” demonstrates the eclectic strengths of the modern brass quintet, which consists of two trumpets, French horn, trombone, and tuba. On the first half, the ensemble will play “classical” music from a 500 year span of history, including composers such as John Dowland, Thomas Morley, Giovanni Gabrieli, J.S. Bach, and Johannes Brahms. Audience members will experience the warm ambience of brass timbre from all sides, as the quintet uses the concert space in innovative ways to surround listeners.

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Saving the Rest: Parashat Noach



Parashat No`ah 
Genesis 6:9 – 11:32

We introduced, on Sh’mini Atzeret, the prayer praising God for bring rain. And now we read a Torah portion that tells of the Flood. Invariably we make jokes any time it rains in our parts during this time. But these days the rains are no joke. Florida is being hit by devastating rains as I write. Scientists explain that global warming will tend to produce ever greater storms of ever greater destructive impact. The levels of the oceans will rise and cause terrible flooding. The United Nations has just released a report sounding the urgent alarm that we have very little time to turn things around so as to save the entire planet.

And our country is run by people who refuse to listen and who, in the name of economic profits, actively seek to negate any effort to save this planet.

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