Honoring Shomrei Stars!


Each year Shomrei honors one or more members for their commitment and volunteerism in support of our community. I am excited to announce that this year we are honoring a quintet of talented and dedicated individuals (as pictured L-R): Carol Katzman, Allison Task, Margot Laksin, John Lasiter and Adrienne Shulman Lasiter

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • First, SAVE-THE-DATE and come to a Shomrei bash in their honor on Saturday night, February 29th. (Invitation to follow.)

  • Second, HONOR OUR HONOREES by expressing your gratitude in this year’s community directory (Ad Journal).  (More information on how to do so below.)

Now let me share a little about our honorees’ impact on Shomrei…

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We owe a lot of people our thanks!  It’s literally been a flurry of activity at Shomrei since the pipe burst and the flood ensued.  Once the initial crisis is over, the hard work begins — the restoration. So many volunteers and staff have stepped-up to meet this crisis on our behalf, it’s a good time to recognize some of them and express our gratitude! Continue reading

Photo Gallery: Shomrei Preschool Has a Temporary Home

President Fern Heinig visiting preschoolers at their temporary "digs".

President Fern Heinig visiting preschoolers at their temporary “digs”.

Due to emergency reconstruction at Shomrei as a result of a recent burst pipe (and flood), Shomrei preschool has relocated temporarily to Temple Sholom in Cedar Grove. From reports by Fern and the Rabbi who visited today,  the kids are having as much fun as ever!

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@nourish, Shabbat Speaker Series, Fall Line-Up

Here is our fall line-up of speakers for @nourish. Please join me for what will be an interesting series.  @nourish (“at nourish”) is Shomrei’s Shabbat seminar/discussion/activity series for adults presented by Shomrei JLC (Jewish Learning Center). Occurring monthly @nourish will bring varied and interesting speakers or activity leaders to Shomrei to engage our brains, bodies and being.

@nourish is free and open to the public.

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Hinei Mah Tov Prayerbook Sale Exceeds Goal!

HMT SiddurI am thrilled — beyond thrilled — to announce that not only have we met our goals of engaging our HMT and Shomrei families to purchase Jennifer Moses’ illustrated siddurim for use at Hinei Mah Tov, but we have exceeded those goals!

After Jennifer’s initial generous gift of 20 siddurim, we hoped the congregation could purchase another 60-80 siddurim for use at Shomrei.  As of today, 102 siddurim have been ordered, including 4 for home use. That’s a total of 98 siddurim that are being given as gifts to Shomrei, in addition to Jennifer’s original 20.

​How grateful I am, first for this incredibly beautiful and generous gift from Jennifer, and second — I’m really speechless at the outpouring of support and enthusiasm from the members of our community!

I am humbled, honored and so happy to continue to make Hinei Mah Tov the wonderful community we want it to be, G0d willing.