Mesh Cafe Apr 12, 2016

MESH 2016 apr 12 rotated

From Captain Alex Kent:

The MESH Cafe served 26 guests this evening.  It was an haute cuisine meal prepared by Barbara Lesser and Carolyn Lack.  The feast began with Carrot/Orange soup, with bread and butter,  followed by steelhead trout with a strawberry glaze, served over bulgur, and accompanied by a stir fry of onions, peppers, and green beans.  Carolyn baked banana nut bread for dessert, served with fresh pineapple.  It looked and smelled delicious!  Our helpers included Shomrei’s Gus and Siona, along with Lexie and Shannon from Montclair State.  Rachel Kanter did lots of dishes, and was an all around helper.   Bonny and Adrienne from MESH rounded out the team.   Our guests were very appreciative as always. Continue reading

Mesh Cafe Jan 19, 2016

mesh1 2015jan 19

From Captain Alex Kent:

On a frigid Tuesday evening, the Shomrei MESH Cafe welcomed 22 guests for dinner. Lynne Kurzweil was the Chef du Jour. Merrill Silver supplied a tasty split pea soup, which was followed by a main course of breaded Tilapia, baked sweet potatoes, spinach and feta quiche, roast broccoli with garlic and lemon (prepared by the ubiquitous Aileen Grossberg) and buttered bread. Dessert was clementines and strawberries, accompanied by homemade cookies and cake baked by Shomrei’s own STOM teens.  Continue reading

It Takes A Community

Grossberg_Aileen kiddush prep 2015 oct 17

The Bar Mitzvah was poised and prepared. His parents were proud and poignant. The social hall tables were dressed in gold and covered with platters waiting for the hungry congregants to file in after the motzi and Kiddush. All 200 … Continue reading 

Mesh Report Feb 3, 2015

mesh15_02_03_cropReport from Captain Alex Kent:

Another mouth watering MESH meal was served on Tuesday night, creatively assembled by Lynne Kurzweil, making the most of Bar Mitzvah leftovers.  We hosted 19 guests for a gourmet meal of cheese and crackers and fruit to start, split pea soup made by Merrill Silver, a main course of egg salad heroes, along with steak fries cooked up by Lynne K. and Bernardo Breziner, along with a cucumber and tomato salad.  Dessert was noodle kugel made by Aileen Grossberg with a black cherry sauce courtesy of Lynne.

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